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Mid-term Conference - Dortmund Germany

RESTORE Mineral Sites for Future Benefits

June 4 2014


Urbanisation and industrialisation are putting pressure on green infrastructure and natural  resources across Europe, affecting peoples‘ quality of life, causing declines in biodiversity and ecosystem services. RESTORE is examining and showcasing the potential of mineral site restoration to benefit local people, biodiversity and the economy  


This one-day conference, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG IVB NWE programme, covered four important inter-related themes on mineral sites restoration, each with key note speeches and focused discussion.


1. Public Benefits and Biodiversity

The ways that public benefits are provided through ecosystem services and biodiversity and how they are valued

2. Best Practices in Restoration

Realising potential from quarries for biodiversity, people and the economy; including how problems  can be solved and risks managed.

3. Policy into Practice

Transnational exchange on applying Planning Policy in practice, and on how best-practice should  inform policy.

4. Making Informed Choices for Restoration

What is needed to help decide the best restoration outcomes; collating ecological data, stakeholders involvement and their needs, and how  to present the benefits arising from restoration.


RESTORE Conference Programme - Mineral Sites for Future Benefits

The RESTORE project features a programme of three interlinked conferences.


The first was held in Surrey in September 2013, and focused on minerals planning policy into practice.


The second (mid-term) conference was in Dortmund in June 2014. This sought to collate the main themes of the project into a coherent framework for future minerals planning policy. (see below).


The final conference in Brussels in June 2015 will disseminate the work of RESTORE, advocate a way forward for restoring mineral sites for public benefits and announce the policy manifesto output.

Opening Conference - Kingston, England

RESTORE Mineral Sites for Future Benefits

September 2013