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Abandoned Limestone Quarries as new Biotopes for protected Amphibians

In the Netherlands the presence of the rare amphibians Yellow-bellied Toad (Bombina variegata) and Midwife Toad (Alytes obstetricans) is limited to the southern part of Limburg province. Various open air limestone quarries, some of them still being actively in use, are

considered to be the main biotopes for these toads. The surrounding landscape offers less and less favourable living conditions for both species.


IKL Foundation (a non-govt not-for-profit organisation for landscape management) aims to improve the ecological conditions of former mineral (limestone) quarries as biotope for both amphibian species and to realize ecological connections between the quarries.


The action will improve local abandoned quarries or those at the point of rehabilitation for the conservation of rare amphibians, to implant missing ecological links between quarries, and to create a sustainable collaboration (cooperation) between all parties concerned (public,

private and NGOs).


Activities include an inventory of smaller (local) quarries which can possibly play a role in the ecological infrastructure. In addition, concrete physical measures are foreseen such as the construction of biotopes (ponds, depressions) necessary for breeding.


Organising the collaboration between all groups and parties concerned forms a key issue in the implementation. They include local volunteers who will be engaged for monitoring and protection of the area, as well as a professional scientific backing for the registration and monitoring of the species’ populations by an external research consultant.





Download RESTORE project information leaflet for the IKL sites above (in Dutch)