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VLM Vlaamse Landmaatschappij

The Flemish Land Agency is committed to the quality of the environment in rural areas and the peri-urban open space in Flanders. We invest in the open space, focusing on the needs of each area and always in consultation with our partners. In doing so we integrate the interests of all the local actors in the countryside.


Our trademark is a broad-based approach. Because our whole society benefits from a vibrant countryside where it is good to live, to work and to relax. The RESTORE project, focusing on the complex issue of restoring quarries for the benefit of biodiversity and local communities, fits perfectly in our mission.


We lead Work Package 2 - Best Practice in Restoration and Aftercare of Post-extraction Sites


Our own Actions are:

- Hydrological Study 't Pompje


- Masterplan for Abandoned Quarries in the Schudderbebeuze