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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The RSPB is a UK voluntary conservation organisation that works for the conservation of wild birds, other wildlife and their habitats. The RSPB champions birds and the environment to decision makers, it protects, restores and manages habitats for birds and other wildlife, researches the problems facing birds and the environment, and looks for practical solutions that  can be implemented on the ground, and promoted to others,


It carries out 'hands-on' recovery projects for our most threatened species, it owns and manages 200 nature reserves. The RSPB champions the cause of biodiversity conservation within the wider debate on sustainable development, and is active across the UK at national, regional and local levels.


The RSPB is a member of the Birdlife International partnership.


The RSPB is lead the partner of RESTORE, and are active in England through Nature After Minerals, and in Northern Ireland. Our work also extends to elsewhere in NW Europe through identifying and organising Demonstration Events and in measuring Ecosystem Services

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RSPB operates the Nature After Minerals programme, in partnership with Natural England. Nature After Minerals advocates and advises on restoration of mineral sites to biodiversity focused end-uses. It seeks to develop, identify and showcase best practice in quarry restoration, as well to support the minerals planning authorities to develop positive policies and plans to further biodiversity in end-use. The programme is active in England, with a satellite programme operating in Northern Ireland; both are active in the RESTORE Project.

Since 2009 the RSPB and CEMEX UK have been working together to ensure opportunities to provide priority biodiversity outcomes from CEMEX UK quarries are fully realised. The partnership includes a dedicated RSPB Biodiversity Advisor working within the company to provide technical advice into restoration plans and to integrate biodiversity into all operational areas of CEMEX UK activities.


The partnership has produced a challenging corporate biodiversity strategy 'Building Biodiversity', in which the company commits to creating 1,000 ha of new priority habitats by 2020, contributing to national and European biodiversity strategy targets, increasing natural capital and reinstating green infrastructure.


Information and the Building Biodiversity Strategy can be found  at:

Nature After Minerals

RSPB - CEMEX UK Partnership