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IKL Foundation

IKL foundation (a non-governmental not-for-profit organisation for landscape management) is committed to a sustainable development of the cultural landscape in the Dutch province of Limburg. Special attention is paid to the region-and identity-related landscape features and the active involvement of people in the care of the landscape. One of IKL’s approaches is to improve habitats for characteristic and endangered species of plants and animals.


IKL’s contribution within the RESTORE project concentrates on the development and optimization of small, abandoned quarries for endangered species of plants and animals in South Limburg. The main target species for this are the, in the Netherlands highly endangered yellow-bellied toad and common midwife toad.


Our pilot project focuses on restoring quarries for the benefit of rare amphibians. In the Netherlands Yellow-bellied and Midwife Toads are limited to southern Limburg province, where open limestone quarries are the main biotopes for them. We aim to improve the ecological conditions of former quarries for both amphibian species and to realize ecological connections between the quarries.



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