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The RESTORE Project final conference:


Public and Biodiversity Benefits through Mineral Site Restoration


Held on June 17th 2015 at Vleva, Brussels.


This conference presented the results of the RESTORE Project, highlighted best practice and debated aspects of restoring mineral extraction sites for nature and the public benefits that come from this.  


Focusing on the on the main themes of the RESTORE project:  policy into practice; restoration best practice; evaluating ecosystem services how people value the outcomes; the work of the project was presented together with guest papers that provided a wider perspective on the issues RESTORE has been tackling. In between, were structured and facilitated panel discussions with invited speakers from the industry,  nature organisations and government agencies.


The day concluded with perspectives on the role and value of minerals extractive industry in providing benefits for nature and people from Mike Clarke, CEO of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, Jim Rushworth for Cembureau and UEPG representing the industry, Lynn Boylan MEP and Patrick Murphy representing the European Commission.


Acknowledgements: our thanks to the Vleva staff who helped make the conference a success are Ariane Decramer and Leah Vandercammen. Special thanks to Simone van Trier for insightful compering and keeping good order.  

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Site study tour on June 18th 2015.

The conference visited two quarry restoration projects in eastern Flanders; first the Bergerven - a nature reserve created from a finished quarry near Berg; and second Michelse Heide in the Hoge Kampen National Park.


Acknowledgements: our thanks to Jean Dreessen and David Beyen (Limburgs Landschap vzw) and Paula Ulenaers (VLM) at Bergerven, and to Johan Van Den Bosch (Regionaal Landschap Kempen en Maasland), Mark Stulens (Sibelco), and Jos Gorissen (Agency for Nature and Forests) at Mechelse Heide, for guiding the tours so informatively.



Mike Clarke RSPB CEO (r) presents the RESTORE Manifesto to Lynn Boylan MEP and Patrick Murpy of the European Commisson

Jim Rushworth (Lafarge), Luc Severijns (Belbag),  Günther Gach (ENCI) Lieven De Schamphelaere, Natuurpunt and Caz Jewell (Nature After Minerals) debate the value tp society of high quality restoration.

Boris Barov (Bird Life Europe), Martin Casey (CEMEX), and Gert Van de Genachte (Intoe) consider the need to communicate best practice

Sand painter Gert van der Vijver performing live, interpreting the RESTORE story in constantly evolving pictures

Explaining the restoration philosophy at Bergerven