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This page provides quick access to RESTORE Project Documents

RESTORE Project Newsletters


No. 4 January 2015      click here

No. 3 Summer 2014    click here

No. 2 Winter 2013/14  click here

No. 1 Summer 2013    click here

Ecosystem Services and Valuation

Factsheets for each Ecosystem Services and Valuation site


't Pompje, Flanders             click here

ENCI Maastricht, Limburg  click here

Quarry Curfs, Limburg       click here

Grensmaas, Limburg          click here

Site information leaflets relating to work package 2


't Pompje, Flanders                              click here

Schudderbeurze, Flanders                 click here

Northwest Surrey, England                click here

Holmesdale, Surrey, England             click here

ENCI Maastricht, Limburg Province  click here

Amphibian sites, Limburg Province  click here

Work Package Leaflets

Summary of each RESTORE Project work package


WP 1 Planning policy                                 click here

WP 2 Restoration best practice               click here

WP 3 Dissemination

WP 4 Ecosystem services and valuation click here

Keynote report from the RESTORE Project work on economic valuation and ecosystem services work: Economic analysis of ecosystem service benefits through quarry restoration click here



A report reviewing existing economic valuation methods to capture ecosystem service benefits of quarry restorations

Economic Valuation Report  click here



Measuring Ecosystem Services of Restored Quarries: an Interim Summary Report of the  assessments undertaken during the RESTORE Project:

Interim Summary Report: Ecosystem Services Assessment  click here



A non-technical booklet describing the result of the RESTORE Ecosystem Services assessment and valuation outcomes:

How Best To RESTORE Quarries - Assessing and Valuing Ecosystem Services click here


French Summary; "Comment réaménager au mieux les carriers; en déterminant et évaluant les services éco-systémiques" Click to download here


German Summary; "Erfolgreiche rekultivierung von tagebauflächen; durch bewertung von ökosystemdienstleistungen" Click to download here


Dutch Summary; "Groeven herinrichten met behulp van economische afweging van ecosysteemdiensten" Click to download here

Ecosystem Services and Valuation Reports

RESTORE Sites Leaflets